By Jon Chandler The most obvious driver of higher prices of anything—be it housing or hazelnuts—is almost always going to be a shortage of that commodity. Therefore, the equally obvious answer to any affordability issue is to generate more of whatever is scarce and let market forces drive the price […]

This Wayzata, Minn., home is set on a large, wooded lot, an uncommon benefit in a community so close to the Minneapolis-St. Paul urban center. All of the home necessities are located on the main level, as this home is intended for a buyer of retirement age. A sloping lot enabled […]

This historic rehabilitation includes the 9-story Hotel Chisca, built in 1913, and an adjacent annex constructed in 1961. Hotel Chisca witnessed rock-n-roll history in 1954 when Elvis Presley’s song, “That’s All Right,” was broadcast from a second-floor radio studio. By the 1990s, however, the building was abandoned and in 2002, […]

A beautiful home is made better when it’s surrounded by a beautiful community, and crafting that connection is what our Best in American Living™ 2018 Fall Issue is about! Whether the development is new and energy-efficient (from one Alaska university’s study on building in cold climates, or from high-performing windows and doors)… […]

To be honest, this project that combined talents of a Texas HBA and local high school students was one of our absolute favorites! Casa Uber Alles, The Best in American Living Awards (BALA) Judges Discretionary Award winner for Educational Building Trades Program, is a Tiny House on the Fredericksburg, Texas, […]