Home of the Week: Maykus Residence

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A renovation of the 1904 home of one of Grapevine, Texas’ first mayors sought to preserve the house’s architectural significance while improving its performance.

Bricks from the home’s piers were removed, cleaned and then reused for brick sidewalks by the entry.

A gable and dormer with cedar-shake siding with curved details, diamond-styled inserts, and original wood casement windows were refurbished.

Replicas were produced of features that could not be restored, such as column capitals and handrails.

Several improvements were added for high-performance energy efficiency and modernization, including a total, encapsulated, foam insulation system, tankless water heaters, new electric wiring, a Lennox HVAC system and Pella aluminum-clad wood windows.

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Located in Grapevine, Texas
Photography by Charles Lauersdorf

Architect/Designer | Josh Archer
Remodeler | Maykus Custom Homes
Interior Designer | Jan Maykus and Christie Hipson
Developer | Kosse Maykus

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  1. The renovation efforts were made to preserve the house of one of Grapevine, Texas’ first mayors. The architectural significance of this structure is huge and efforts are being made to improve its performance. There were multiple efforts aimed at making the house energy-efficient and make it high-performance. The designs are modern and includes a complete, encapsulated foam insulation system and other things.

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