6 Design Ideas for Spa-Like Bathrooms

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Contemporary, zen-like bathroom retreats are very desirable for today’s new home buyers. These six simple design ideas will give your bathroom an ultimate spa-like sensation. Take a look!

1)    No-Step Shower

A no-step shower is an easy install that creates an absolutely seamless sight line and addresses the importance of a smooth entry into the shower, especially for older buyers.

2)    Innovative Storage

Having a place to store and hide essentials such as toothbrushes, razors and medicine, allows the bathroom to maintain a clean, minimalist feeling.

3)    Sink and Faucet

The selection of your bathroom sink and faucet can create the ideal environment for one of the most used rooms in your home. With so many available options these days, an eye-catching sink or faucet can add an extra decorative design element to the space.

4)    Add Art

Art is an effective way to bring personality, texture and color to the room and makes the bathroom feel more like a true “living” space.

5)    Statement Lighting

Much like art, lighting can be a strong statement piece in the bathroom. Multiple layers of lighting, such as a chandelier, can lights and sconces create needed light and extra ambiance.

6)    Swap the Shower Head

A luxurious rainfall shower head can make each shower feel like a special occasion in a spa.

–Lita Dirks, Lita Dirks & Co. Interior Design

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  1. Details are also important. The spa experience always starts with the aroma when you walk through the doors, the calming scents help you transition from traffic-mode to tranquil. Get the same effect in your own home with personal aromatherapy blends. To get a refined spa look, clear your counters by stashing less attractive products in linen-lined baskets. Then dress your counter with elegant glass jars like The Container Store’s Vibe Containers. Fill them with lovely bath products like Organic Bath Company’s flower-shaped Bath Petals. They not only please the eye, the lavender vanilla scent soothes the soul.

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