Midcentury modern architecture refers to the mainstream American residential style from the 1930s to the 1960s. It emphasized the interweaving relationship between indoor and outdoor, a living style that brought nature closer to home. It was also the beginning of a shift to a more simple and honest architectural language. […]

Reposted with permission from the BSB Design, No BS Blog Rarely is it that there’s not some challenge confronting architects and designers for the built environment. It might be a tricky client with a list of competing demands. The budget may be shifting—and less than ideal to accomplish all the […]

Situated within a dense urban setting in Playa Vista, Calif., with a limited site area, this Best in American Living Platinum Award-winning community makes an ideal laboratory for reinventing the fundamentals of shelter. Departing from the characteristics of conventional three-story residences, these living spaces are configured to maximize outdoor-living opportunities […]

Apps. Blogs. Feeds. Hashtags. In this era of, “there’s an app for that,” what’s the right balance of technology and human interaction for developers and home builders who want to use technology to connect with home buyers?

A Challenging Site The architect faced the challenge of a bowl-shaped site, complete with an eighty foot drop and two significant swales. Buildings were designed to accommodate the topographic conditions and take advantage of the views. Inevitably, some buildings would have to look down upon others due to the mountainous terrain; roofs were sloped […]