With nearly 80 million Millennials and 74 million Gen Zs – which combined make up 56.5 percent of the U.S. population[1] – these two generations are positioned to make a huge impact on the housing industry. While these youngest generations may be close in age, they are quite different from […]

Orioles, Ravens, Natty Boh (short for National Bohemian Beer), and crabcakes – think that’s all Baltimore has to offer? How about Federal Hill with its lively music and pub scene, the National Aquarium and Inner Harbor, now home to the USS Constellation, and historic Lexington Market? In sum, Baltimore is bold, proud, and […]

Forget those cold, gray skies—the free, digital Winter Issue of Best in American Living magazine is here with hot stories on all the ways design touches our professional and personal lives: Transforming underutilized suburban assets into livable neighborhoods How designers can use the subconscious to meet home buyers’ emotional needs […]

This home in Cape Cod was designed to capture the harbor view from every vantage point–and also captured a Best in American Living Awards Silver title for One-of-a-Kind Custom or Spec Home Over 8,000 Square Feet. Outside, the home features five roof decks, a pool house and a guest suite […]

These days, there is a significant amount of buzz around numbers relating to energy efficiency when it comes to new and existing homes. Is a high number good or bad? If the original number was high, and now, after improvements, it is lower, what does that mean for the house? […]