This 5,800 square foot home was built in 2014 in Watermill New York for a family who lives in New York City. As a weekend home, it’s designed for casual Hamptons living with family and friends. The design was developed through a creative alliance between Architect and Designer Sharon Bonnemazou, […]

This project–a Silver Best in American Living Awards winner for Entire Home Remodel $250,001 and Over–saw a dramatic transformation of an outdated home’s form and function. Despite very little change in overall square footage, the main floor and master suite spaces have been totally reinvented. A reconfigured kitchen integrates perfectly […]

Revitalizing existing housing stock is an important affordable housing strategy to renew communities. In the greater Chicago area, the Affordable Housing Corporation of Lake County (AHCLC) has operated an acquisition and rehabilitation program for 50 single-family derelict, vacant homes in 2012-2017. This conversion of an eyesore to an asset not […]

Laureate Park in Lake Nona is a 21st-century community where sustainability, design, and technology are at the core of healthy living. While this site plan follows a classic neighborhood design, including alley-loading garages, welcoming front porches, and community parks as focal points, the architecture is decidedly different, consisting of brightly […]

In this restoration of an Westminster, S.C., historic 1840s home, old, wavy glass was located from various salvage yards to restore the home’s original windows. Drywall was removed to uncover the original heart-pine wall. Care was taken when installing the new systems to preserve the historical part of the house. […]