Today, more than ever, there is a huge demand for maximizing the indoor-outdoor relationship. Creating outdoor spaces that are both glamorous and functional add unprecedented appeal to already fabulous interiors. Home buyers consider these luxury outdoor spaces an extension of their social and relaxation times. Spending time with friends and […]

By Tess Wittler In the family of smart home learning technology, home energy monitoring systems are the granddaddy of tech, as they have been around for almost a decade. In January 2009, the government of Queensland, Australia began offering wireless energy monitors as part of its ClimateSmart Home Service program, […]

This single-family neighborhood of 26 homes is located within a mixed-use, smart city development south of Boston in Weymouth, Mass. The challenge was to introduce a plan that would maximize space and privacy and create a captivating outdoor living environment. Detached garages serve as architectural dividers between the homes and […]

Home sites are getting smaller in all markets across the country. Quality developable land is scarce. And construction costs rise every quarter. These factors are fueling a movement toward smaller, more innovative homes—one that goes beyond just shifting walls and re-arranging furniture or cramming as much house as possible on […]

In late 2016, after a decade of falling in love with their North Hyde Park neighborhood of Austin but suffering through their 1940s bungalow, residents Brian and Jessica decided it was time to start fresh on their dream home. Working with Clark Richardson Architects through the custom design process and […]