As girls, many women wanted a “Barbie Dream House,” a fantasy space to decorate, host tea parties, or simply…dream. Now as adults we have “she sheds.” A sassy answer to the “man cave,” she sheds are backyard retreats where women can go to escape, to write, to read, to knit, […]

By: Matt Murphy, CMO of Chime Technologies Drone technology is poised to transform the way a wide range of industries operate, whether it’s Amazon’s plan to create “beehives” that serve as hubs for delivery drones or journalists who use drones to get footage of events that may be hard to […]

Home builders and developers design homes, but they also design communities. If 4,000 acres of land nestled into four adjoining areas in rural/suburban Northern Virginia were your canvas, what would you paint? You might look at the people who would be buying your homes, and what they like. High-end, organic […]

Project Team Manufacturer: Champion Homes – Builder: Pabian Properties   Tarpon Harbour is a 137,092 square foot residential duplex development, in Marathon Key, comprised of 106 living units (212 boxes). This unique oceanfront project was completed in 16 months due to a team effort by Champion Home Builders and […]

Nearly 20 years (and countless television series) into the tiny house movement, it’s fair to say that tiny houses can no longer be considered a passing fad, but rather are a permanent and viable alternative to current standards in American living. National building materials retailer 84 Lumber recently entered the […]