By: Matt Murphy, Chime Technologies Imagine living in the world of the Jetsons. Flying cars that fold up into suitcases. Talking dogs. Living in outer space. Many of these smart technologies remain in the fantasy world of cartoons and sci-fi movies, but still more have become a part of our […]

Originally posted on the BSB Design Blog, NO BS. Shared bathrooms, shared bedrooms, stripped down amenities: Those are the vestiges of campus and college housing of the past. Today’s students and universities have other living arrangements and priorities that have upended the traditional campus design paradigm. Here are a few […]

Billy Pettit, Senior Vice President of Pillar Properties, Seattle, won’t build boring projects. He wants the company’s multifamily communities to relate to their location, to add value to both their neighborhood and their city, with designs that connect with potential residents and speak their language—without shouting. It All Started with […]

Mason, Texas’ Bar Triangle Ranch boasts a pioneer spirit–and a 2016 Best in American Living Platinum Award for One-of-a-Kind Custom or Specialty Home 4,501 – 6,000 square feet. Take a look… The ranch maximizes views while maintaining intimacy by using exceptional, but simple, materials. Historic timber, native stone and forged iron complement the […]

New York City’s population density and geography make it particularly vulnerable to coastal storms. Over eight million people live on approximately 305 square miles of land with 578 miles of waterfront. To compound the risk, the potential for severe storms hitting New York City is expected to increase due to […]